We have our production base in Delhi, India, which can be seen as the rich colour capital of the world. We enrich our pieces with handcraft traditions, which we use in order to stop it from becoming lost industry due to new technology.

All of our creations are handmade in part if not entirely . The relationship between the artist and his materials in his creation of beautiful and timeless pieces and the promotion of artistic tradiction and handicrafts is central to our philosophy.

We combine many of the techniques in unique ways and apply them to unusual materials with a challenging and fresh approach. The use of crochet and whipstitch as a main form of construction (as apposed to sewing machine) has become our signature.

Hand Embroidery in its many forms builds the base of all of our bags. Starting with a simple chain stitch, the (Ari) scope is breathtaking. Fabric is stretched on to a loom and the design traced by hand onto the taught fabric. Beads and sequins are generally applied using a running chain stitch but can also be applied using other stitch techniques.

Loading of the thread creates extra dimension, given by pulling the stitch over a raised shape usually made of thick thread. This amazing technique can be closely refered to as spider wrapping up a fly leaving its silhouette.

Buba and embellishment run hand in hand through that glamorous field of fashion. All bags lavishly crocheted with semi-precious stones such as pearls, quartz, opals and impressive colour pallet of beads.